Trail Status


The Te Araroa route aims to be updated in September each year.

This page will list all current amendments to the published trail route.

We recommend checking this page regularly before and during your journey as route alterations may have arisen since planning your journey.






The Whanganui River Rd will be closed for repair work Mon-Sat until Christmas, only opening at certain times. 

Monday-Saturday opening/closing times
9.00am-12.00pm Closed
12.00pm-12.30pm OPEN
12.30pm-3.30pm Closed
3.30pm-4.00pm OPEN
4.00pm-6.00pm Closed
6.00-6.30pm OPEN
6.30pm-8.30pm Closed
8.30pm-9.00am OPEN

OPEN - Sundays and Public Holidays

For walkers, they will attempt to let you through if possible/safe outside these times - there may be a short wait required.

Please be patient!


No alternative - just be prepared to wait a little while if necessary.