6. Accommodation

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Please refer to our trail notes for information on where to stay during your walk.

If you wish to use the Department of Conservation huts on the route, we recommend purchasing a hut pass.

Backcountry hut passes and hut tickets

The Department of Conservation Hut Pass does not cover the Whanganui Journey or Mangatepopo Hut in Tongariro National Park. These are part of the Great Walks network. Nor does the pass cover some Department of Conservation campgrounds, where you need to pay a small fee.

There are also some privately-owned huts and campsites along the trail. In some instances, you need to pay a fee or the owners ask for a donation. Information on this is in the trail notes. 

Walkers should carry a tent as some huts will be full. 

As well as formal accommodation, there are many Trail Angels along the route who often help walkers. They may offer a snack, a bed, or a ride. Te Araroa Trust does not administer this service.

Trail Angels


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