Please see below a number of downloads available to aid your planning for a Te Araroa adventure.

These are offered free of charge by the Te Araroa Trust. The Trust survives on charitable donations so you may wish to support our ongoing ability to provide this assistance by Making A Donation.


Trail Notes (Southbound)

Trail Notes (Northbound)

Trail Maps

Auckland   Auckland
Waikato-King Country   Waikato-King Country
Whanganui   Whanganui
Manawatu   Manawatu
Wellington   Wellington
Nelson-Marlborough Nelson-Marlborough Nelson-Marlborough
Canterbury Canterbury Canterbury
Otago Otago Otago
Southland Southland Southland


Google Earth (.kmz) file

Load this file into Google Earth on a personal computer TeAraroaTrail_v37.kmz

(Note that you cannot dowload and use a KML file on a phone version)

Te Araroa GPX files

We have produced three versions of the GPX files, outlined below. Click on the name to access these.
These files are readable by Garmin technology, to modify for other devices you may need a product such as GPSBabel, which can translate to different devices and split into smaller parts if the device cannot handle the full file.
TeAraroaTrail.gpx (Updated 8 November 2018)
This file has the Route shown as tracks, with no waypoints - the same as the KML. The route has been heavily generalised to keep the file size small.
TeAraroaTrail_asKmpt.gpx (Updated 8 November 2018)
This does not have a route line, only each km marked as a waypoint with elevation - more suitable for confident navigators that may need occasional reassurance they are heading the right way.
TeAraroaTrail_asRoute.gpx (Updated 8 November 2018)
This contains routes that directly align to the way in which routes are listed on the Te Araroa website, with waypoints at each section end.

Te Araroa Maps in bulk.

These will be suitable to save on a phone/device and scroll through the series or print efficiently.

These pages are A3 colour PDF multi-page files at 600 dpi. You can get away with reducing to A4 on a good printer.

Multiple page PDF files are not georeferenced. See this article.

North Island maps (v37, 76 pages, 148MB, Updated 19 November 2018), (save link as) v37_North.pdf

South Island maps (v37, 67 pages, 162MB, Updated 19 November 2018), (save link as) v37_South.pdf

Individual PDF maps have georeferencing that can be used in Avenza Maps (formerly PDF maps) to mark your position using the phone's GPS location. You could store the series in the Cloud and just download the current maps into your phone.

Separate maps (v37 2018, 75 maps, 137MB) for North Island (Updated 19 November 2018)

Separate maps (v37 2018,76 maps, 141 MB) for South Island (Updated 19 November 2018)