The Trail Pledge

Are you planning on walking Te Araroa trail? We’ve worked with the Department of Conservation, New Zealand Walking Access Commission and Mountain Safety Council to launch The Trail Pledge. It’s all about encouraging walkers to enjoy the journey and be respectful of the people, communities, landscapes and wildlife they come across along the way.

To take the pledge, we ask you to commit to the following four areas:

I pledge to respect the environment…
The impact of wayward walkers on wildlife and natural features can take many years to heal. Please care for and protect New Zealand’s beautiful outdoors.
use marked tracks
camp in designated areas
only light small, controlled fires and only if you have a permit
always take rubbish away with you
use designated toilets.
I pledge to respect local culture and customs…
Maori are the indigenous people of New Zealand. Always respect sites that are culturally significant to Maori and learn local tikanga (customary values).
never sit on a table or surface where food is prepared
check which sites are wahi tapu (sacred)
respect customary practice.
I pledge to respect private property…
Without the generosity of farmers and other private landholders, Te Araroa wouldn’t exist. Be respectful of landholders on sections of the trail crossing private land.
stick to marked routes
don’t disturb stock
leave gates as you find them (whether open or closed).
I pledge to respect other people…
People walk Te Araroa for all kinds of reasons. Be considerate of others while on the trail and keep huts and campsites tidy.
keep the noise down at night
remove muddy boots before entering huts
restock huts with firewood
help other trail walkers if they’re in need.
And remember…
Stay safe out there! Tell someone where you are going and take a personal locator beacon (PLB), be prepared for all weather and have a backup plan if conditions change.
For more information about staying safe in the outdoors, visit