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Plans finalised for next three years - Wanaka Sun (2707/19)

Wanaka Runner set to take on Te Araroa (21/07/19) 

Te Araroa release new Strategy (18/07/19)

Te Araroa plot course for next three years as the release a new strategic plan  17/07/19)

Kiwis among huge increase in walkers tackling country's longest track (10/8/17)

More NZers walking Te Araroa (Australasian Leisure Management magazine) (31/7/17)

Warwick and Keitha Ross of Dunedin look back on their Te Araroa journey (17/7/17)

Te Araroa having an ecomonic impact on the regions of New Zealand (11/7/17)

Record numbers on national trail (1/6/17)

Mark Kerr walks for life on epic 3000km journey from Bluff to Cape Reinga (20/5/17)

National Geographic - Te Araroa and the Increasing Popularity of Thru-Hikes (16/5/17)

Kapiti man on track to become one of the oldest to walk the length of NZ (4/5/17)

Seven Life-changing Lessons Learned From Thru-Hiking (11/3/17)

Scott Macleod's Motatapu Alpine Track experience (25/1/17)

Seventeen year old New Zealander walking Te Araroa (12/1/17)

Video report on Atawhai Charteris walking in support of people protecting New Zealand's environment (12/1/17)

Huge numbers walking the Hakarimata Walkway (24/11/16)

Wilderness Magazine meets 8 Te Araroa walkers it will follow on their journey (18/11/16)

Daniel Lee walking Te Araroa to support Lowe Corporation Rescue Helicopter (1/11/16)

Walking New Zealand to return a favour for lifesaving helicopter (1/11/16)

Kiwi Callum Barnes shares his experience of walking Te Araroa (1/11/16)

Shelley Butt walks Te Araroa for charity (27/10/16)

Southland Times editorial supports fast-tracking of Invercargill-Bluff section (7/10/16)

Environment Southland keen to see Invercargill-Bluff section completed (5/10/16)

Te Araroa having an impact on businesses throughout New Zealand (30/9/16)

Anonymous donation to upgrade hut in key Te Araroa location (22/9/16)

Te Araroa Trust wins at the 2016 NZ Recreation Association Outdoor Awards (2/9/16)

Jesse Hyde, age 15, walks the North Island stretch of Te Araroa (2/8/16)

Pio Terei talks to Elisabeth Easther about his Te Araroa adventures (21/5/16)

Paekakariki Escarpment Track reviewed on The Wellingtonista (25/4/16)

Kapiti's new Te Araroa track praised by walkers (14/4/16)

Barry-the-Brick has a Te Araroa journey (11/4/16)

Huge interest in opening of new Te Araroa track in Kapiti (7/4/16)

Tim Fookes (Newstalk ZB) speaks to Te Araroa CEO about the Paekakariki Escarpment Track (7/4/16) 

Lynn Freeman discussesTe Araroa's new Paekakariki Escarpment Track on National Radio (28/3/16)
Click here and scroll down for Lynn's photo gallery

New leg of Te Araroa will be one of Wellington's finest walks (25/3/16)

Te Araroa's new "Stairway to Heaven" beckons Wellington walkers (21/3/16)

New section of Te Araroa opens in April (17/3/16)

Te Araroa popular with overseas walkers (16/3/16)

Te Araroa making its mark on Taumarunui (24/2/16)

Paekakariki Escarpment Track nearing completion (24/2/16)

Taking the tough road (18/2/16)

Artist painting her way around Te Araroa (16/2/16)

Taumarunui on the Te Araroa Trail (15/2/16)

Geoff Chapple - Life and Influences on Radio NZ (14/2/16)

Q and A with Anna McNuff (10/2/16)

Te Araroa named as one of Mother Nature Network's "9 Epic Long-Distance Trails" (5/2/16)

Treasure Trail (Cover Story in The Listener) (24/1/16)

A very long pathway by Laura Waters (20/1/16)

Couple to walk Bluff to Cape Reinga to fundraise for Nepal (19/1/16)

New owners supporting Te Araroa at the Flying Fox on Whanganui River (16/1/16)

Manawatu councils urged to develop Te Araroa route through the region (13/1/16)

Finding footing and funding for Fostering Kids (11/1/16)

Peter Chandler's work on Waitomo area tracks got him a Walking Access Award (28/10/15)

New Zealand Walking Access Commission walking access award for Waitomos unassuming champion (28/10/15)

Magill still walks the walk at 89 (29/9/15)

Long walk to keep the kilos at bay (24/9/15)

Geoff Chapple Terrain:Travels through a deep landscape (23/8/15)

Te Araroa Trail comes to Central Wellington (18/8/15)

Bronze plaques highlight Te Araroa Trail on Wellington Walkway (18/8/15)

Anna McNuff's Te Araroa running experience all to inspire kiwi kids and kids around the world (11/8/15)

Coastal trail could bridge the Puhoi River (22/7/15)

Te Araroa's Matapouri Bush Track voted No.1 in the list of top 10 winter walks by AA.co.nz (7/15)

Mina Holder Te Araroa Trail Highlights Video (1/7/15)

Mina Holder Fastest known female to complete Te Araroa trail in 78 days (11/6/15)

Cambridge couple home after 3000km Te Araroa Trail walk (10/6/15)

UK adventurer on her journey from the Bluff to Cape Reinga to raise money for Outward Bound courses for kiwi kids (21/5/15)

New section of Invercargill to Bluff walkway open (8/5/15)

New section of southern walkway opens (8/5/15)

Funding secured to finish Paekakariki to Pukerua Bay Trail (30/4/15)

Top of the world, Pio Terei samples river life for TV series (26/3/15)

Pio Terei Walks the Te Araroa Trail in New Maori TV Series (4/3/15)

Murray Faulkner celebrates in Bluff on February 13 after completing the Te Araroa trail (3/3/15)

Tramping v hiking by Margaret Hedderman (2/3/15)

Walking the talk Pio Terei takes to the Te Araroa Trail for Maori TV documentary series "Te Araroa: Tales from the Trail (2/3/15)

Te Araroa hiker Italian Matteo Sgaggero says we should be prepared for an influx of travellers following in his footsteps (11/2/15)

Architect Rebecca Cox making good ground on the Te Araroa trail raising funds for Oxfam (6/1/15)

Mina Holder completed the Te Araroa trail run in 77 days 10 hours 44 minutes believed to be the fastest time for a female (4/2/15)

Newly semi-retired Marlborough couple seek epic adventure on the Te Araroa Trail and experience the REAL New Zealand (24/1/15)

TA awaiting confirmation of March funding stream to fund the completion of the Kapiti Track (22/1/15)

Intrepid walkers hit Queenstown (22/1/15)

Kidney transplant donors and recipients energetic campaigners (19/1/15)

CNN International names Te Araroa in their top 10 world's most amazing long distance trails (12/1/15)

Margaret and Bobby Hedderman - Te Araroa journey Interview with Tim Fookes Newstalk ZB Wellington (14/1/15)

Trek across South Island to help blue ducks (8/1/15)

Interview with Naresh Kumar on completing the Te Araroa Trek (2/1/15)

A Canadian nomad returned to Te Araroa 40 years later to repeat his original 1974 traverse across NZ (2/1/15)

Inspiring Indian adventurer Naresh Kumar finds his own slice of Middle-earth running the Te Araroa track in sandals (9/12/14)

National Geographic 20 Dream Trails (12/14)

National Geographic names Te Araroa as one of the world’s best hikes (16/12/14)

National Geographic - Te Araroa Trail One of the Worlds dream hikes (23/12/14)

New migrant runs from Cape Reinga to Bluff (10/12/14)

Tolkein saga inspires 3000km odyssey (9/12/14)

Mayor of Invercargill presents Hobbit fan Naresh Kumar with medallion after completing the TA track in just three months (8/12/14)

Kiwi walking trail grows in popularity (8/12/14)

Opening of Mt Tamahunga Track is celebrated by the TAT in helping complete 3000km trail running the length of NZ (8/12/14)

25 year old Architect Designer Rebecca Cox gave up her job to walk the length of NZ to raise funds for Oxfam NZ (3/12/14)

Te Araroa Trust, Manawatu Branch who manage the TA Bulls to Levin region planning to take more of trail route off road (2/12/14)

Lengthy walk, in sandals, to see NZ, fulfill a childhood dream and raise awareness for TEAR Fund (African Famine Support) (2/12/14)

Walking New Zealand's Te Araroa Trail (28/11/14)

Te Araroa walkers receive congrates medallion for completing the long journey (13/11/14)

Invercargill City Council to produce a special plaque for those who complete Te Araroa (13/11/14)

Damien Day walking Te Araroaraising funds forWaikato Riding For The Disabled (7/11/14)

The Breeze Radio Interview - Margaret and Bobby Hedderman - New-Zealand-On-Foot (3/11/14)

Builders aids young while walking Te Araroa (6/10/14)

Walking the length of new Zealand, following in the footsteps of his Maori ancestors (14/9/14)

Ankle injury for 23 year old Australian walker calls halt to Fred Hollows charity walk (11/8/14)

A team headed by Kerikeri sculptor Chris Booth has reconstructed the Te Araroa Cairn (10/4/14)

Renwick man Jonathon Wright completed Te Araroa a lifetime dream (7/4/14)

An unprepared young German Tourist rescued on the Te Araroa Trail near Roundhill Skifield (3/3/14)

Safer route to Blue Lake Hut proposed (18/2/14)

A hikoi between Cape Reinga and Ahipara is under way, to promote NZ's Trail Te Araroa as an alternative school for at risk youth.(15/1/14)

Teen plans to walk Te Araroa to raise money for World Wildlife and Save Animals from Exploitation (9/1/14)

Tourism NZ Story - Te Araroa the long New Zealand Trail (2014)

Have shoes will travel, female Masterton lawyer takes three month out from work to do the Te Araroa (27/9/13)

Jez Bragg: 'I ran the length of New Zealand - 3054km in 53 days' (1/4/13)

Brit nails Te Araroa, but nearly dies on river crossing (8/2/13)

Wedding bells on the Te Araroa trail (1/2/13)

Jez Bragg's Journey of Te Araroa Trail (1/2/13)

Australian runner Richard Bowles first man to run the Te Araroa track (18/12/12)

Jez Bragg, one of Britain’s best ultra-runners, talks about his bold new challenge running the length of New Zealand on the Te Araroa Trail (26/11/12)

Ultra Marathon Runner Richard Bowles makes it to the Te Araroa finish line all in the name of charity (26/11/12)

Te Araroa: Keeping track up North (14/10/12)

Te Araroa's newest section addition in Manurewa opening (15/6/12)

Magical Days on the Te Araroa Trail (14/5/12)

Visiting hikers near end of NZ trek (21/4/12)

Te Araroa New Zealands epic walking trail officially opens (3/12/11)

Geoff Chapple book launch "Te Araroa The New Zealand Trail: One man walks his dream"

Travel book launch: Te Araroa (30/11/11)

DOC to provide funds to complete the last 244km track to Bluff (22/6/11)

Tararua walk from Otaki to Waikanae opens (18/6/11)

The long-planned Paekakariki escarpment section of Te Araroa is set for a major cash injection following this month's Budget announcement (30/5/11)

Stuart Fleming is doing the 3000 kilometre walk to raise awareness of Scouts (16/3/11)

Plimmerton pitstop for Dutch youth walking journey of New Zealand (22/2/11)

National Commissioner for SCOUTS New Zealand walking Te Araroa the trail to raise awareness of youth issues (18/1/11)

Te Aroroa track construction hits a snag in Southland (11/3/10)

Overseas volunteers help complete Te Aaroa walkway in Waikato region (16/1/10)

NZ PM John Key open Waikato section that will take walkers to the summit of Mt Pirongia (12/12/09)

Plans for the Pukerua Bay to Paekakariki leg of a national walkway have hit a bump in the road (27/10/09)

Marlborough mayor Alistair Sowman, left, declares the third stage of The Link Pathways open, by outgoing track champion Pete Brady and about 100 well-wishers. (4/5/09)

The 30km latest addition to Te Araroa the nation's 3000km north-south hiking trail over country music star Shania Twain's Central Otago high country property is no walk in the park (26/3/08)

Waikato region walkway between Te Kuiti and Pirongia grand opening (14/10/08)

Opening of the Motatapu Track Shania Twains Central Otago Country farm, part of Te Araroa (14/3/08)

The newest section of Te Araroa walkway was opened with a walkabout by Prime Minister Helen Clark and landowner Canadian singing star Shania Twain