Te Araroa News

New transport option on offer from Auckland to the Cape

04 November 2019

 Looking for a quick and effective transport option from Auckland to Cape Regina... read on...

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Te Araroa walkers urged to take The Trail Pledge

01 November 2019

Te Araroa trail walkers are being urged to take a pledge to respect the environment, Maori culture, private property and other outdoorspeople before beginning their 3,000 km journey this year.

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Download a map of the trail now - Overlay with New Zealand cities

21 October 2019

 Click here to download a map of NZ with the trail overlay- could be handy for freinds and family 

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Carrying a personal locator beacon (PLB) on the Te Araroa is a MUST

02 October 2019

beacons.org.nz/Te Araroa Trust recommends people walking the trail carry a personal locator beacon (PLB). Do not always rely on your mobile phone as there are many areas of the trail where you will not have phone coverage.

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New walking season marks start of Te Araroa odyssey for many

01 October 2019

 As hundreds of thousands of New Zealanders head into the outdoors this Spring and Summer, they will be joined by a growing number of people taking time off work and study to walk the length of the country on the 3,000 km Te Araroa trail.

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