Te Araroa News

Walking Access Award for Waitomo’s ‘unassuming champion’ - 29 October 2015


Waitomo resident Peter Chandler has received a Walking Access Award nominated by the Te Araroa Trust. The award recognises those who have made significant contributions to public access to the outdoors in New Zealand through securing new legal access, championing public rights of access, trail building, or contributing to understanding of access rights and responsibilities.

Over the past few years, Mr Chandler has helped to vastly improve a track on the Pehitawa route between Waitomo and Te Kuiti; refurbished and maintained an old logging track in the Waitomo Forest; and gained access permission from landholders to trial a safer and more enjoyable walking route through two farm properties.

The trust’s chief executive Rob Wakelin referred to Mr Chandler as an “unassuming champion of walking access” who had “worked tirelessly – without reward, recompense or recognition – to improve the quality of the Te Araroa route through the area.”

“Is is the efforts of amazing people like Peter Chandler who make it easier for New Zealanders to go out and enjoy Te Araroa – New Zealand’s Trail and our stunning outdoors.”