Te Araroa News

Cyanide paste found on Te Araroa Trail - North of the Aparima Hut (Southland) - 25 September 2019

We have been alerted to the presence of Cyanide paste on the Te Araroa trail by a walker who had their controlled substance licence between Princhester and Aparima Huts. The message was called in and Doc staff went and investigated today. They found several patches of paste and dead possums on the track directly northbound of Aparima hut. This poses a significant health risk to the public, children, dogs etc. They have erected signage warning of unlicensed application of cyanide. Te Anau Doc staff are checking the Princhester track end of this section of track. Staff found quadbike prints along the track which indicates it is likely someone local or close travelling distance. If any of your walkers see a quad bike on the trail or people who aren’t obviously walking, can you advise Sean Jacques sjacques@doc.govt.nz  or David Miller dmiller@doc.govt.nz immediately so it can be followed up. Police have also been notified.