Safety Courses 

Tramping in New Zealand requires fundamental skills. We recommend that anyone not already versed in tramping hazards in this country takes a mountain safety course before setting out. These courses are available in most locations. They teach alpine awareness and skills, snow shelters, river-crossing skills and bushcraft, including trip planning, gear, outdoor cooking, risk management, and map reading.  

The MSC (Mountain Safety Council NZ) are no longer running courses but in its place a new incorporated society has been set up called Outdoor Training NZ (OTNZ) formed by former MSC instructors in order to continue to run low cost quality safety courses by volunteers.  

OTNZ currently (Sept 2015) only offer bushcraft course but are growing and expanding rapidly with a plan to develop training courses specifically designed to meet the needs of Te Araroa trail walkers. OTNZ have qualified instructors committed to delivering high quality courses. OTNZ currently have active branches in the Waikato and Manawatu regions they are currently working on setting up branches in Northland and Auckland but in the interim can provide instructors and training sessions in these regions on a as need basis. For more information visit their website:  Outdoor Training NZ (OTNZ) 

See below a list of other bushcraft or risk management training course providers. It is not an exhaustive list of providers and there may be others you wish to contact. The MSC and Te Araroa does not specifically endorse any of these providers, and recommends you undertake your own research in order to find a bushcraft or risk management training course provider that suits you. 

Bushcraft or Risk Management Training Providers 
North Island
South Island

Independently qualified instructors and guides:

Individually qualified instructors are available through - The New Zealand Outdoor Instructors Association (NZOIA)
Private qualified assessors for outdoor training and assessment Skills Active Aotearoa (Skills Active)
Alpine Safety Courses:
The New Zealand Alpine Club offers a variety of courses on different levels of Alpine Safety. We recommend that anyone not already versed in alpine safety within this country takes an alpine safety course before setting out if they plan on including high country or alpine crossings in their journey. Further information can be found at Alpine Club