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Motatapu glimpses

  • 02 Sep 2008

We'll put together a photo essay when all the pix come in from the first tramping parties through the Motatapu Track, but to give you a taste, here's a few from shooter Amos Chapple who started at Macetown and went through to Motatapu Road, Wanaka March 10-12.

Ridge to Roses Saddle

Ridge leading up to Roses Saddle

Otago hills

High country at the saddle

Roses Saddle Hutt

Roses Hut after descent from the saddle - end of day one, front coming through.


60 kph gusts on the Knuckle Peak ridge

First glimpse

First glimpse of Lake Wanaka

Boots at the saddle

Boots on the saddle leading through to Highland Creek Hut

Highland Creek Hut

Highland Creek Hut - end of day two

Motutapu tramper

Climbing again - Motatapu Tramper on day 3

J Hall Saddle

More climbing to Jack Hall Saddle


Walking out through Fernburn - the only easy grades

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