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Geoff Chapple

by | May 2, 2024

Te Araroa would not exist if it wasn’t for the vision, passion, and effort of founder Geoff Chapple who, worked (and walked!) tirelessly to map out the route, negotiate access and mobilise hundreds of volunteers.

 Geoff Chapple is a renowned New Zealand author, journalist, and adventurer. Geoff revitalised the idea of a continuous trail spanning the length of the country in the early 1990s and founded Te Araroa Trust in 1994 to raise funds and oversee the trail’s development. What followed was a 17 year labour of love to turn Te Araroa into reality, with the trail officially opening in 2011.

Under Geoff’s leadership, Te Araroa evolved from a bold idea into a well-loved national treasure. His relentless pursuit involved navigating bureaucratic challenges, engaging with local communities, and securing funding and support.

Geoff’s leadership, passion and commitment has left a lasting legacy, providing locals and visitors with an iconic journey through the diverse landscapes and communities of Aotearoa New Zealand.

 Geoff Chapple’s legacy extends beyond Te Araroa. His contributions to literature and journalism have provided profound insights into Aotearoa New Zealand’s identity and environment. Yet, it is Te Araroa that stands as a living monument to his vision and perseverance—a trail that embodies the spirit of exploration and the deep connection between people and nature.

 You can read more about Geoff’s incredible story in his books:






















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