Regenerative Trail

Today, Te Araroa is on a journey to become a regenerative trail – a journey of collaboration, of partnership, and of shared stewardship. 

Te Araroa Whakahou, our Regenerative Trail strategy sets out our way forward.

Regeneration for Te Araroa means:

  • Supporting the purposes and aspirations of mana whenua 
  • Protecting and enhancing biodiversity along the trail corridor
  • Supporting local businesses and fostering economic opportunities
  • Improving the trail and its infrastructure whilst minimising any environmental impacts
  • Providing a walking experience that enhances the wellbeing of walkers and communities.

We are just starting out on this journey, and there is a lot of work to do.

    A hiker rebaits a stoat trap

    To make Te Araroa a regenerative trail

    Our current priorities:

    • Developing a Sustainable Trail Management practice guide, including the use of locally sourced, low-emission materials and resources, sustainable construction techniques and social procurement.
    • Forming partnerships with regenerative organisations along the trail corridor and diverting $10 from each walker and supporter registration to support projects that regenerate nature.
    • Strengthening relationships with iwi, hapū and whānau along the trail route.
    • Seeking funding to carry out a trail capacity assessment to understand sustainable walker numbers.
    • Forming a group of advisors with expertise and experience in our identified regenerative impact areas (environment, economic, infrastructure, social, health and wellbeing), to guide us on our journey.
    • Developing measures so we can track progress towards regenerative outcomes and hold ourselves accountable.

    Regenerative stories