Regenerating nature in Motopōhue – Bluff Hill

by | Mar 24, 2024

We are thrilled that over 1,200 native plants were planted during the Bluff Hill/Motopōhue Environment Trust’s volunteer day on 13 March. This year every registered Te Araroa walker and supporter is funding a native tree in Bluff through our partnership with Trees that Count. 

Te Araroa walker Julia Roy-Touchette shares her experience of getting involved: 

“Participating in the tree planting activity was a wonderful way to finish the trail: a symbolic way to end my journey, a significant and concrete gesture to help conserve the natural habitats I had the chance to walk through for some months and a great way to meet local people and connect with the community. Thank you to the Te Araroa Trust and the Bluff Hill/Motopōhue Environment Trust for their great work!”

Ninety Mile Beach

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