Our People

Te Araroa Trust is a registered charity, formed in 1994 to bring to life the idea of a continuous walking trail spanning the length of the country. Regional Trusts have formed to coordinate local volunteers and support this aspiration.

Today Te Araroa Trust has a small team of three employees and the trail continues to be governed and supported by passionate volunteers at the national and regional levels.

Our Founder and Board

Te Araroa exists largely because of the effort of countless volunteers, mobilised by the vision and passion of founder Geoff Chapple who worked (and walked!) tirelessly to map out the route, negotiate access with landowners and communities, and establish infrastructure such as bridges and huts.

Te Araroa Trust, as the national organisation, is responsible for the governance, strategy and direction of the trust, as it works to deliver on the trail vision and needs of Te Araroa. All our trustees are volunteers, many have walked the trail and all care deeply about Te Araroa.

Our Regional Trusts

We have eight Regional Trusts who care for, develop and maintain the trail in their region. Our regional trustees are all volunteers, who do everything from building stiles and updating trail markers, to building relationships to establish new routes that replace road walking.

Interested in volunteering with our Regional Trusts? Find out more here

Our Management

The Te Araroa management team is responsible for developing the trail, partnerships, technology and funding to ensure the regenerative trail vision is achieved.