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Nigel Cook’s Shelters

  • 05 Sep 2008


Architect Nigel Cook has designed trail shelters for Te Araroa's 120km "Ocean to Ocean" trail in the Far North.

Cook - who is nationally known for designs which integrate with the natural landscape - gave his attention to the project when it was recognised simple shelters would be required on longer sections of the trail. His shelter is inexpensive, simple to erect, able to provide satisfactory weather protection and suitable for any site facing any direction.

The 6m x 6m structure has just two walls - a back wall and one interior wall of 15mm exterior ply that extends 3m at right angles from the middle of the back wall. This gives a double extended verandah design. The cost with guttering and fresh water collection tanks is $3580. The architect welcomes any comments or suggestions for refinement to

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